Testosterone and Muscle Growth

Testosterone, often touted the king of all male hormones – and rightfully so. Research shows testosterone has a function in regulating: Muscle growth Libido Energy Bone health And many more health aspects In this article, we’ll focus on the effects of testosterone on muscle growth. With all the “T-boosters” and “anabolic diets” we see on the internet every… Read More »

Should You Do Cardio? An Evidence-Based Answer

Cardiovascular exercise refers to any type of exercise that keeps your heart rate elevated for a continuous length of time. Like any form of physical activity, cardiovascular exercise provides plenty of health benefits. There are studies showing cardio can improve heart health, bone health, brain function, and sleep. But is it really necessary for individuals that want to burn fat?… Read More »

The Art & Science of Muscle Growth is now available!

The Art & Science of Muscle Growth is now available! There’s plenty of confusion around muscle growth. The Art & Science of Muscle Growth will get rid of all this confusion by teaching you what the currently available scientific data shows about training and nutrition for muscular growth. After reading this eBook, you will know exactly how to… Read More »

The Top 4 Fat Loss Mistakes – Prevent Plateaus

If you are having trouble with shedding body-fat, this article is for you. You will be reading all about the 4 biggest fat loss mistakes, which I see people make everyday. I will show you how to prevent making these mistakes, so you can keep burning fat at a rapid pace. I recommend you to read through this article carefully,… Read More »

The TRUTH About Meal Frequency

We all know someone that is super strict about how many meals he/she eats a day, but has no idea about how many calories those meals contain. This is a classic case of “missing the forest for the trees”. In this article, I will show you why meal frequency does not deserve much attention and what to focus… Read More »

Is A Low-Carb Diet Most Effective For Fat Loss?

Low-carb diets have gained huge popularity in the last several years. Even though I’m skeptical about any diet that has the word ”low” in it, many have achieved great results from this way of eating. So it seems like low-carb dieting really works. That said, hundreds of diets work. The question is, whether it’s superior to other forms of dieting… Read More »

The Importance of Diet Breaks

Eating at a calorie deficit takes its toll after a while. You feel hungry all the time, crave high calorie foods and fat loss slows down. When this happens, most people turn to cheat days or cheat meals. But this can actually offset a lot of the progress you’ve made. In this article, I’ll explain why you should turn… Read More »