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Welcome to the iWannaBurnFat blog! On this blog, you will find articles based on scientific research regarding training and nutrition. By using peer-reviewed scientific research, I want to provide helpful and reliable information to you.

Why people seem to struggle

There is simply too much contradicting information available on the internet. Unfortunately, useless diets and ineffective training methods are being promoted to sell worthless products to you and me. I want to bring this to a stop by teaching you the science behind fat loss and muscle growth.

Why would you trust the personal opinion of a ”fitness expert”, when there is literally decades of scientific research available?

Fitness ≠ complicated

Achieving great results and progressing properly is not as difficult as some would like you to think. You do not need to take a load of supplements, pills, juices or anything similar. What you do need to do is moderate your caloric intake (without starving yourself) and train effectively several times a week. This is what I will be discussing extensively on this blog.

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