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Testosterone and Muscle Growth

Testosterone, often touted the king of all male hormones – and rightfully so. Research shows testosterone has a function in regulating: Muscle growth Libido Energy Bone health And many more health aspects In this article, we’ll focus on the effects of testosterone on muscle growth. With all the “T-boosters” and “anabolic diets” we see on the internet every… Read More »

Should You Do Cardio? An Evidence-Based Answer

Cardiovascular exercise refers to any type of exercise that keeps your heart rate elevated for a continuous length of time. Like any form of physical activity, cardiovascular exercise provides plenty of health benefits. There are studies showing cardio can improve heart health, bone health, brain function, and sleep. But is it really necessary for individuals that want to burn fat?… Read More »

Building Muscle in a Calorie Deficit

We all want to achieve a lean and muscular physique. To do this, we obviously need to build muscle and burn fat. We’ve been told that it’s impossible to do both at the same time. ”You need to be in a calorie surplus!” But less is true. Trying to build muscle while losing fat is not impossible, but it may… Read More »

Basics of Building Muscle

Muscle growth is one of the key pillars for building an aesthetic physique. Unfortunately, there is plenty of contradicting information available about muscle growth on the internet. Complicated articles and drugged up bodybuilders make muscle growth seem harder than it really is. In this article, I will show you the scientific principles of building muscle. Hopefully, this will get… Read More »

Fat Burning Basics

In this day and age, many people want to lose weight. On the internet, you can find plenty of information about weight loss. The problem is that much of this information is contradicting and confusing. The confusion starts with the term “weight loss.” When people say they want to lose weight, they actually mean they want to lose… Read More »