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The Importance of Diet Breaks

Eating at a calorie deficit takes its toll after a while. You feel hungry all the time, crave high calorie foods and fat loss slows down. When this happens, most people turn to cheat days or cheat meals. But this can actually offset a lot of the progress you’ve made. In this article, I’ll explain why you should turn… Read More »

Maintaining a Negative Energy Balance

When you understand the principles of the energy balance, you understand that all you need to do to start burning fat, is eat at a negative energy balance. In other words, eat less calories than your body burns. But ”just” eating less than your body burns sounds very vague. The most common question many have is ”How high should my negative… Read More »

Understanding the Energy Balance

With thousands of questions like “Can I eat white bread without getting fat?” hitting the internet everyday and thousands of articles with titles like “the Top 5 Fat Burning Foods” showing up after every Google search, it’s clear that the fitness community lacks basic knowledge about nutrition and fat loss. That’s why I decided to get rid of… Read More »