My name is
Mounir Azegra.

For the past few years, I’ve been able to help thousands of people achieve their fitness goals through iWannaBurnFat.com and my social media accounts @iWannaBurnFat. I write easy to understand evidence-based posts about training and nutrition. Fitness has always been a passion of mine, but there was a time when it was a source of confusion.

There was a time in which I trained 5 times per week doing drop-sets, supersets, giant sets, and much more “advanced training tools”, with little to show for it. The longer I trained, the more evident it became that my sources for fitness information weren’t very useful.

As I got more conscious of the fact that 90% of the fitness information on the web is false, I started doing my own research. Since 2015, I spent most of my time reading and writing about science-based training and nutrition. I also got my personal training certifications from the “International Sports Sciences Association” and the “Personal Trainer Collective.” At the same time, I worked as an in-person personal trainer to gain experience actually helping people achieve their fitness goals.

As I gained more experience, I realized how much misinformation there actually is online in the fitness space. “Fad” training and diet approaches are promoted, mostly to sell useless products to you and me.

Once I learned more about the basic training and nutrition principles, through exercise & nutritional sciences, I finally started making good progress.

Contradictions Everywhere!

During my youth, I wasn’t the fittest kid in class. I wanted to change the way I look and improve my overall fitness. Like most people, when they start working out, I got most of my information from fitness forums and YouTube channels. Initially, my progress was okay. But after my first 6 months of training, I found myself stuck for over a year.

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I never thought I would be capable of building a strong and healthier physique, due to my “poor genetics.” Now, it’s clear that my genetics were not the issue. Lack of useful and trustworthy information was holding me back.

My Goal with iWannaBurnFat

I created iWannaBurnFat.com, so I can share the evidence-based information I was missing back in the day. I’m not planning on reinventing the wheel, nor am I trying to share my personal opinions. The field of exercise and nutritional sciences has provided us (and still is providing) a tremendous amount of valuable research on how to achieve greater body composition changes and improve our health.

My goal is to “translate” these studies into simple English and emphasize the practical takeaways of the current body of evidence, so everyone can understand the science behind achieving great fitness results. I know through experience that reading a research paper and understanding it can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. I want to help you in this process.  So you can receive top-notch fitness information and improve your fitness results.

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