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Enough With The Broscience Already

False information is holding you back

There’s a large amount of contradicting information available on the internet about muscle growth. Unfortunately, all mainstream “fitness gurus” seem to disagree with each other. This causes plenty of confusion. For many, it remains unclear how muscle growth actually works.

I used to suffer from this too

My name is Mounir Azegra. I’m the founder of and an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

As a teenager, I never was the fittest kid in class or the most muscular. I wanted to change the way I look and improve my overall fitness. Like most people when they start working out, I got most of my information from fitness forums and YouTube channels.

Initially, my progress was okay. But after my first 6 months of training, I found myself stuck for over a year. I trained 5x a week doing drop-sets, supersets, giant sets, and much more “advanced training tools”, with little to show for it.

As I got more conscious about the fact that most of the fitness information on the web is false, I did my own research. In the last couple of years, I spent most of my time reading scientific studies about training, nutrition, workout performance, and general health.

Once I implemented an evidence-based approach to my training and nutrition, I finally made great progress. Now it’s clear my “poor genetics” were not the issue. Lack of useful and trustworthy information was holding me back.

The Reason I Wrote This Book

I know what it feels like

In “The Art & Science of Muscle Growth”, I provide you the evidence-based information I was missing back in the day, so you don’t have to make my mistakes. In the first few chapters of “The Art & Science of Muscle Growth”, we are going to take a couple of steps back. I’ll be teaching you THE SCIENCE behind muscle growth (no “secrets” or “tricks”). These chapters will make you gain a deeper understanding of how, when, and why muscle growth occurs.

After this, the book is divided into two main sections: Training and Nutrition. In these main sections, we will be looking into optimizing training and nutrition variables for greater muscle growth. The recommendations in these chapters, which are based on peer-reviewed scientific research, are given in a way you can personalize your diet and training to your preferences. I’m a firm believer that every training and nutrition plan should respect individual differences.

You can read the the official “Table of Contents” in the picture below.

Table of Contents

Now For $24.95

My Goal With The Art & Science of Muscle Growth

Simplify exercise and nutritional sciences

We often tend to rely on advice from people that share their opinions, rather than looking for studies and data that are relevant for answering the questions we have. This is where most confusion stems from.

There’s too much contradicting “broscience” out there to trust what a random person says. Once you start basing your diet and training on something that has sound scientific evidence behind it, you don’t constantly have to second guess yourself.

But I understand, reading research papers and understanding them can be quite a challenge if you’ve never done it before. It’s much easier to listen to the “shredded guy.” That’s why my goal is to translate the currently available scientific data regarding fitness to “simple English.” I want everyone to have the opportunity to implement an evidence-based approach to training and nutrition.

Basically, I am going to do the work for you, while you just sit back and receive top-notch fitness information.

People from all over the world have benefited from my help. Here are a few examples (super proud of these guys!):

I Want You To Be Next

You Will Get A Free Bonus

A cookie-cutter workout plan can’t possibly work for everyone. That’s why “The Art & Science of Muscle Growth” teaches you how to set up your own training routine instead. But for those who struggle with putting together a workout program, I have created the “Example Routines” bonus guide. In this bonus guide, I show you 3 different workout routines based on the Volume, Intensity, Frequency, and Progression recommendations given in “The Art & Science of Muscle Growth.”

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