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If you would like to receive a fully customized training and nutrition plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, iWannaBurnFat Custom Programming is for you.

Although we people are physiologically very similar, we still have individual differences that influence the way we need to eat and train. Take this study, for example. They had 585 volunteers follow the same workout program, but the results people got varied greatly.

So to maximize your fitness results, we need to look further than the general recommendations that come from the research and personalize your fitness approach based on your current individual needs and goals.

This is what the "Custom Programming" service offers. I will design a personalized training and/or nutrition plan that suits you and your goals.

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How It Works

After purchasing your plan, you will be redirected to an extensive questionnaire to answer relevant questions about your current situation and fitness goals. The personalized plan I'll create for you will be based on the answers you provide in this questionnaire. Once you've filled in your questionnaire, I will start working on your training and/or nutrition plans and send them to you within 7 days.

The plans I'll write for you are a 8-week plans, but it does not have to stop there. The plans are written in a way that it allows you to continue using the plans after the 8 weeks. The plans allow you to make changes on the go (within certain boundaries) to make them suit you better over time and so that you can keep using the plans in the long run. So don't see these plans as an "8-week challenge", but treat these first 8 weeks as the base of a long-term successful fitness career.

See the steps of this custom programming service summarized below.

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  • Fill In Your Questionnaire

  • Receive Your Plan Within 7 Days


  • Start Getting Results

Key Elements Of Your Custom Program

  • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

    The plan I’ll be writing for you is not a quick-fix. When it comes to substantially improving your body composition, there is no such thing as “fast results.” These plans are focused on teaching you how to sustain effective fitness habits so that you can achieve long-term success.

  • Unlimited Email Support

    If you ever have a question or would like know more about a certain training or nutrition concept, you will be able to message me to my private email address. The email support is unlimited, so you can ask as many questions as necessary.

  • Tracking Progress

    A key element of fitness that is often overlooked is how you track progress. If you do not track your progress, you will have a hard time managing your results. This why you will receive easy-to-use progress tracking sheets with every plan you purchase.

  • An Educational Experience

    As you know, I have an evidence-based training and nutrition approach so that I can teach “why” something works instead of just telling you what to do. This is why your plans will include a comprehensive explanation (with scientific references) of the principles behind your training and/or nutrition approach.

Custom Program Options

Custom Nutrition Plan
$59One-Time Payment
  • 8-Week Flexible Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Calorie & Macro Targets
  • Dietary Nutrient-Density Guidelines
  • Sustainable Eating Strategy
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Progress Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Unlimited Email Support
Custom Training Plan
$59One-Time Payment
  • 8-Week Comprehensive Training Cycle
  • Built-In Progressive Overload
  • How To Warm-Up & Cool Down
  • Cardio Routine (If Necessary)
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Progress Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Ulimited Email Support
  • Q.How do I get in contact with you after purchasing?

    A.Once you’ve purchased your plan, I will send you a welcome email with a link to your questionnaire. You can reach me on this email address with whenever you have a question.

  • Q.How do I track progress?

    A.I will put together a progress tracking sheet for you in which you can log relevant information regarding your training and/or nutrition. Whenever you have a question, be sure to send along your progress tracking sheet, as that gives me insight into your progress.

  • Q.Do you work with everyone?

    A.This service is for healthy males and females who are motivated and want to maximize their results. If this is you and you have don’t have any injuries or suffer from a medical condition, I will be able to work with you.

  • Q.Do I have unlimited access to you?

    A.There are no limits to how many times you can contact me through email. Any time you have a question you can email me and I will respond as soon as possible.

  • Q.Am I in need of any special tools to follow the training and/or nutrition plans?

    A.To follow the plans, the only 3 things you’ll need is an internet connection, a┬ádigital body weight scale, and a┬áplace to train.

  • Q.What payment methods do you accept?

    A.You can make your one-time payment through Credit Card or PayPal.