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Repeated Bout Effect: Why You No Longer Get Sore

Repeated Bout Effect: Why You No Longer Get Sore

Imagine not training for 2-3 weeks and then getting back into the gym by performing a heavy leg day. You probably already can feel your sore legs cramping up while walking up the stairs. But now imagine that same leg day after 3 months of consistency in which you were...


🔑 How Many Exercises Per Session When Lifting Weights?
Exactly how many exercises you should be doing in a training session will of course depend on your goals and how you set up your weekly training routine. But for most people looking to develop muscle or gain strength, you don't need many exercises to have a good workout.
A common training mistake I see in my practice as a personal trainer is people trying to squeeze too many exercises into 1 session. I understand that the workout may feel like a greater challenge if you do many more exercises. But if you try to do 10 or more exercises in a single session, the second half of your workout will typically be of lower quality and you won't be able to properly apply progressive overload.
It makes sense to focus on doing fewer exercises in your training session, but then having a high level of performance on each of those lifts. As a general guideline, I have found that doing between 4-7 strength-focused exercises in a workout is a good aim for most people. If you incorporate several compound exercises in this workout, you will still have a challenging training session on your hands.
Just imagine doing the Bench Press, followed by Squats, followed by Pull-Ups, and then a Shoulder Press before moving into 1-2 isolation exercises. These 5-6 exercises will ask a lot from your body and they will provide a bigger bang for your buck than rushing through 10 isolation exercises.