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Repeated Bout Effect: Why You No Longer Get Sore

Repeated Bout Effect: Why You No Longer Get Sore

Imagine not training for 2-3 weeks and then getting back into the gym by performing a heavy leg day. You probably already can feel your sore legs cramping up while walking up the stairs. But now imagine that same leg day after 3 months of consistency in which you were...


🔑 Consistency > Intensity
I am all for incorporating cardio into your routine. With most of my clients, I program at least 1 weekly cardio session for general health purposes. But the mindset you employ while doing cardio matters. I dislike the idea of "crushing yourself with cardio" to recover from a high-calorie day.
If you use your training as a way to, so to speak, "punish" yourself whenever you enjoy more food, usually you won't be intrinsically motivated to train. I like the saying: "Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate."
Once you start associating your training with overall health and physical performance improvements, it will be more motivating to train and the progress you achieve is more fulfilling.
As far as "recovering" from a splurge day, the best way I like to do this is simply by moving on. In the grand scheme of things, one big meal means nothing if you move on and get back on track with your training/nutrition after.