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⚡Do you want to get more out of your T-Bar Rows? Then here you have 2 quick tips!

First, make sure you bend over properly during a T-Bar Row. If you stand mostly upright, the range of motion is going to be limited and you won't be able to fully stretch your lats. Keeping the upper body almost parallel to the floor will also for the best back stimulation.

Secondly, maintain a power stance by keeping a wide stance. If you keep the feet close to each other, it will be hard to maintain a neutral spine as you bend forward and you pull from a weak foundation. So keep a wide stance an pull the weight up forcefully.

⏰ How long can you go without training before you start losing muscle?

In a 2017 study, taking a training break for a full 2 weeks did not result in any muscle loss in trained individuals [1]. So if you have some summer trips coming up and may not be able to train for a week, it's not the end of the world.

Other research even found that training breaks for up to 3 weeks do not cause muscle loss [2]. So you don't lose muscle overnight. You may feel a tiny bit weaker after taking more than a week off because you lost some training momentum.

But you won't lose any significant muscle during your summer trip if the break doesn't last much longer than 2 weeks.

📚 Scientific References:
1. Hwang, Paul S., et al. "Resistance training–induced elevations in muscular strength in trained men are maintained after 2 weeks of detraining and not differentially affected by whey protein supplementation." Journal of strength and conditioning research 31.4 (2017): 869-881.

Do you experience low-back discomfort while doing the Overhead Press? Then check this out!

Instead of letting your lower back round while performing the Overhead Press, squeeze your glutes together and maintain a plank position with your core.

Squeezing your glutes together while doing the Overhead Press creates a stable foundation to press from. If you keep the glutes relaxed and maintain a rounded back, the back will take some unnecessary stress.

🔑 How To Grow Your Shoulders (in 3 simple steps)

First, make sure you incorporate a challenging Shoulder Press variation into your routine. This will help you target the mostly the front deltoid region.

Secondly, also incorporate a Side Raise in your routine to train Vertical Shoulder Abduction. This will engage mostly the side deltoid head.

Thirdly, we also want an isolation lift for the Rear Deltoid. Something like a Rear Delt Fly is a good option to make sure that also the backside of the shoulders is well challenged.

I typically would not incorporate a Front Raise in the program of my clients since also with push exercises like the Bench Press, Dips, and Chest Flyes the front deltoids get some stimulation.